What to Bring



    ______Bible                                                   _______Toothbrush/Toothpaste


    ______Notebook                                            _______Pajamas


    ______Pen/Pencil                                           _______Pillow


    ______Jacket and Sweater                             _______Insect Repellant/Sunscreen


    ______Underwear (changes)                          _______Swim Suit (No Bikinis Allowed)


    ______Socks (extra pairs)                              _______Raincoats/Rainboots (optional)


    ______Sleeping Bag                                       _______Plastic Bags for Laundry


    ______Soap and all personal hygiene items            _______Towel and Face Cloth


    ______Running Shoes                                    _______Hat/Cap


    ______Fishing Equipment (optional)             _______Sandals


    ______Labeled water bottle


    ______Skateboard and appropriate equipment (optional)


    • PLEASE CLEARLY MARK YOUR NAME ON EACH OF YOUR BELONGINGS.  The Camp will not be held responsible for the loss of an item.  Leave articles of value at home.  Backpacks do not travel well on a bus.  Bags and suitcases without loose strings and other items hanging out make bus drivers happy people.  (At the conclusion of each session, “Lost and Found” items are taken to the Calvary Temple church office and held until September 15, 2016.) 


    • DO NOT BRING cash, radios, tape or CD players, TV’s, hand held electronic games, comic books, magazines, chewing gum, sunflower seeds or any food.


    • THE FOLLOWING ITEMS, IF FOUND IN THE POSSESSION OF ANY CAMPER, WILL BE TAKEN AWAY AND NOT RETURNED:  weapons of any kind, cigarettes, alcohol, pornography, and illegal drugs of any kind.